Friday, November 26, 2010


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In our friends, there’s really one who will turn we like most in one particular thing. We like our friend because of his something he’s distinctly himself. In group friends, there is special thing in one that the second doesn’t have or there is the third that the rest don’t have. Each one has their own way of making himself distinctive.

Well I have a friend named Geri. If there is one special thing that I would best remember of Geri and would always fond of him about is his mashed potato. Aside from his quite tiny but not pitchy voice which I have told him, I will not forget the mashed potato he brought during the start of our early friendship with the group.

I’ve eaten mashed potatoes in many restaurants in some occasion and they were commercially good not only the presentation when served but also their specialty in taste. In very rare chance, homemade were prepared by my sister or my cousins which I found delicious too. But this one from a friend is something different.

It was a usual ordinary day when my friend Geri brought us a serving of mashed potato in a bowl. I was quite interested to take some though I am not really fond and craving for it most of the time. But when I’ve tasted the mashed potato he prepared, immediately I’ve noticed its distinct taste. It was tasty not because enriched by tons of butter and whole milk but it was yummy with mixed of a bit salty and few peppery-gravy.

But what really made it distinct was the pulp itself. The potatoes were fluffy mashed that were not sticky and lumpy or dry. While piping hot, I have smelled the delicious mixtures inside in every spoon’s scoop I put in the saucer I am holding. And what I liked on it that completed my delight, I feel the pure crushed potato in every mouthful. I liked the foamy texture, it was not soupy caused by overcooking it and no part of crispy potato chunks that hints undercook. Geri’s mashed potato was just right steamed and as smooth as silk when eat.

Choosing the right potato makes difference in making a creamy mashed potato. A starchy potato is less dense and breaks down more during cooking which leads to a soother texture. I want to make my own mashed potato too but I don’t know how to prepare it. And though I have tasted the work of others, I would like to make own taste such as blended with butter and shredded cheddar cheese, or poured with cream.

I’ll do love to try one flowed in gravy that will mix up their tastes with the potatoes. It could have mustard or custard or with a bit of peppery on the side but as a whole it would be taste of butter, cream, salt and pepper. And making one with covered in cream or topped by strip of bacon or sprinkled by sliced black olives will tremendously taste yummy.

The mashed potato of Geri inspired me to live the meaning of sharing in friendship and social living. I’d like to make mashed potato that I can give back to him and the rest of our friends. Like the mashed potato, friendship is embellished and strengthens by variety of various flavours that will go well together into one foamy and floury mashed potato.

By Alex V. Villamayor

November 26, 2010

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