Monday, November 08, 2010


During our old times, the woman is taking care the household choirs of the family from doing the laundry, ironing the clothes, preparing the foods and taking care and feeding the children while the man has to work to provide the needs of the family. That is why every growing up girls is trained to learn these household choirs in preparation of her life as a wife and mother. Especially the food preparation, wives are bound to prepare the foods for their husbands as it is an old belief of woman’s required submission to her husband.

If the wife doesn’t want her husband to run away, pumper him by serving different foods on the table because men love to eat foods cooked for them. It is a quite funny idea but mothers say to their daughters, it needs to cook for the husband to make him fat so that no other girls will fool around the husband. In marital relationship, wife’s cooking can save the marriage, while the single ladies are tickled with this idea in catching the interest of their prospect bachelors. Because it is always believed that the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. Serving him an array of inevitable delectable foods will fatten and flattered his heart that will make him coming back with the food you made.

How about if the men are cooking? Seeing men doing culinary is something that nice to know. Isn’t it romantic to see him wearing the white apron, hands working on the chopping board, sautéing the bits of spices and serving in presentation the food he cooked for his wife or girlfriend? Serving the foods with smile, the foods to be shared becomes more special that will tighten the relationship of husband and wife, of the whole family or with his girlfriend. Sounds delicious, women love a man that cooks.

Imagine a man in an early morning is preparing fried rice that smells awesome, tender-juicy frankfurter sausages and scrambled egg. Completed with the aroma of the soothing fresh coffee, all these in a tray ready to serve the breakfast in bed for his dearest wife. He may do a gourmet lunch for the family that children will like the savor made by a cooking dad. Or sometimes he even prepares a menu for a girlfriend for a night dinner. Romantic date doesn’t necessarily mean candle light in a romantic dinner in restaurant, enough his effort to cook the foods to share that is something off from his usual daily routine.

Remember when cooking, fill it with love. It turns out delicious your cuisine if you do it with love. When man cooks, he is doing it with love. Dirty kitchen is not his area and culinary is not his field but his love for his family and friends makes the cuisine a gourmet. This may be the reason why many people say men are better chefs than women. Simple fish and vegetables or meals can be fiesta when cooked with love. Cooking tip: do not cook if you don’t like because despite of complete condiments you have, your serving will suck.

Cookery is not an accustomed routine for man but a man doing the works in the kitchen once in a while is an amazing moment in the relationship. It may be unusual but certainly not odd and diminishing in his masculinity. Dirty kitchen might not his area but a man in the kitchen enhances the masculinity and adds to his sex appeal. To see him cooking is indeed very inspiring scenery, he is setting a model to everyone that man and women should do the food preparation.

Alex V. Villamayor

November 2010

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