Thursday, November 11, 2010


The following story was published in The Arabian Sun Vol LXVI, #18 , a Saudi Aramco official weekly newsletter.

Working in a multi-national company requires versatility to adjust and ability to interact. In a work setting like this, the place becomes a melting pot of different personalities, attitude, and skills that need to jive to have a common and single result. Here, the good communication in work matters.

The first time I worked outside my country, I’ve realized the importance of communicating your work to your colleagues. I define communicating your works as interacting with your peers and relaying your work to them to come up exactly with the goals you planned. I’ve observed people perceive things in different ways. Especially in a workplace with different expatriates, you need to ensure you are communicating them in a manner they clearly understand.

Simple instructions can bring big failure if not communicated well. By transmitting unclear information, we receive incomplete feedback or much worse wrong feedback, the same thing from misinterpreting the instruction we received. The Post It® note we use in the office is a small but typical example of communicating our works, it witnesses our reaction how we send and take messages.

Aside from this, our flexibility to handle different types of colleagues which may includes how to deal with colleagues with attitude problem. Unfortunately, some employees are uncooperative to interact well with their colleagues. In some given situation, some employees are working independently – to the point that they don’t interact in the group. No matter how good our work if we have to go through with these employees, our output will be most likely affected.

Communicating work means sharing our idea, knowledge and experience to our peers for the success of our group. Our voice must be heard, speak our mind in order to get the reaction, feedback and support from others and make improvement if needed. Ideas must be discussed for achieving the goals of the team that may bring success for the entire organization.

Proper interaction in the office is an important element to come up with an effective result whether individually or by team-work. Good communication plays very important role in developing good outcome. Especially in a work where our inputs or outputs are required to transfer from one person into another person to produce another output, the work communication really matters.

Communicating the works incorporates the ability of the employees to have good communication which includes the interaction with their peers. While it has no doubt the technology such as emails, text messages, SMS or video conference call improves the time and cost of communication. And by using these we always believed we have communicated well but there are still times we caught in situation and find ourselves in surprised and frustration when our massage was misunderstood or misinterpreted.

Perhaps we missed the interaction. Electronic communication is a must in our present workplace however, these technologies are conversely taking away the formal interaction. Perhaps sometimes we need to walk for a while and get to see our colleagues how they come out with their reaction, expression and gestures when we brought the issues.

It doesn’t mean we need to go back behind, I just want to emphasize the importance of personal interaction when we are communicating our works with our colleagues which we cannot get from those programmed and insensitive devices.

Alex V. Villamayor
November 8, 2010

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