Friday, November 12, 2010


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When a friend of mine told me that he likes beef with broccoli, I started craving to cook the dish to offer the food I’m sure he will enjoy. Without order from him, I took the initiative to set a day to cook the food that I’ll do for the first time. Although I am not the master in the kitchen and I even don’t have list of menu, but the idea of a friend’s willing to eat urged me to cook. I am not really good in cuisine but I know to hold the ladle, spatula, and frying fan, and I always have an idea of making food as nice surprise to a special one.

It’s my first time to cook Beef Broccoli and I have doubt and I am afraid to make it good but I love to do it. For a dear friend I’ll do, so I went to wet market to buy a half kilo of fresh beef cuts into cubes. I went to green veggies section and picked up quarter of broccoli florets, pieces of bell pepper and some spices. For an hour I cooked the beef sliced thinly in a pressure cooker to meet the tender softness.

In the pasts, the kitchen witnessed some of nice stories in my life. I’ve once a close friend whom we had little chat and bonding in the kitchen, shared the recipes we have taken from our families, and stirred up the friendship we had from chopping board to dining table to washing dishes – it was a genuine friendship made ideal by kitchen.

Going back to Beef Broccoli, pretty sure there was a hint I will fail when I feared I overdo the beef yet I still marinated it with teaspoons of soy sauce and a dash of ground black pepper, let it stir until coated and while left it for 10 minutes I prepared the other ingredients. I heat the fan and saut√© the spices and mixed the beef but it was crushing while I stir it – I think it will not do. In a snap I bought another kilo of beef and have it boiled for thirty minutes. Quite nervy, it worried me to make it good this time but when you are cooking for someone who is closed to your heart, you will do all what you can do and give the best you can give.

On a casserole I heat the cooking oil and start to fry the ingredients. The beef was tenderly cooked when I mixed it on the cooking and I added a little oyster sauce and the cream of mushroom dissolved in beef broth until thickened. Looking on it, I feel little relief then with the look of yellowish to light brown thick sauce and shimmered meat. To complete the cuisine is the blanched broccoli and let it simmer for a minute only. Smelled good and I guess I’ve done.

I put it in another bowl, put some onion rings on top to present it well and I served it while it was hot. The truth is I am not quite sure if my friend will like it. There is lot of doubt in me because on the first place it was my first beef broccoli and I don’t think I can do it again next time without mistake. Also there might be difference in our tastes as our culinary varies by regional difference. While I am in the Eastern part of my country, for someone in the southern to like my chef is something I will feel flattered about.

The Beef Broccoli was not ideally perfect but I know I’ve passed it for sure. I have already eaten Beef Broccoli in dine-in restaurants several times and I always found it good. Once I have told it to my mother and I would love to prepare for her the healthy dish that I described delectable and unordinary. After my first beef broccoli, I am ready to cook it again and I have made a belief in myself the trust. Yes it felt me a little failed at first but enough I’ve got thanks from a friend who is worth to cook for.

Alex V. Villamayor

November 7, 2010

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