Wednesday, November 30, 2016


It is been written and been said many times and many ways:  “Give if you can, give as much as you can.  Because who else will but those who have the capacity to give.”  When he started his life at forty, Alejandro felt that something has changed in himself.  For one thing, he’s quite serious on how he spent the life in the past but then he felt someone is telling him the need to become better.  He wanted to do something that he will feel his existence worthy, and realize his difference from many.   And in his nearly golden age now, Alejandro can say he did a good decision when he chose what his heart wants – making a sense.

When he decided to find doing something different that will make him feel worthy, something important that will give an accomplishment in his life, he found birthday a good opportunity to give thanks and share the blessings by giving back.  For quite long years now, Alejandro does not prepare foods to celebrate his birthday simply because he does it in different way to spend the day.  And since he is already impassive in celebrations, gatherings, get-together, etcetera, he decided to use his time, effort, and means in something else that he knows more important.  It is understanding the importance of compassion.  Rather than spending for fun for few hours of party that become a relief of worldliness, Alejandro decided to use it in more practical, useful or worthy cause by giving and helping.  Instead of aiming foods and fun, he felt the sentiments of other who have not experienced to enjoy foods.  There are people out there who are more deserved to experience happiness in enjoying the foods in the table rather than them who are already used to eat luscious foods in many occasions with their friends and colleague. By the way, it may not necessarily a feeding program or something but if we know it will go to feed other people in whatever means, then giving is as fun as eating.

Well, people will say they just want only the best for their family, or they need quality time with their family and friends.  And time and again, there are some who will still insist their idea to prepare at least few traditional noodles as sort of symbolism or whatsoever.  And some will justify to say celebration is a way of giving thanks and sharing of blessings.  Nothing is wrong with these and it’s our personal discretion and opinion but each one of us has our own belief.  But this time, it is Alejandro’s giving and it is his way of finding self-esteem.  Alejandro decided to make a difference than this traditional food party.  He doesn’t have big sum of wealth and if he could have more he would go even bigger help but for the meantime he is doing the best he can.  At least to know you are extending your hands in as much as you can is something that is rewarding, fulfilling, and accomplishing.  Thanksgiving becomes more special when doing it in a most secretive way and sharing of blessings is more meaningful when giving it to those in greater need.  And as much as possible, help in sincere and most humble way.  There are other ways to celebrate your day, give thanks and share of blessings – just find your means.

Same here, I am in a point that enjoying thru party is no longer my interest.   First, I have the priority to live my life as simple as can be as my advocacy.  I feel partying is a fixation of eating full as relief of our mortal body.  And for one thing, I am promoting health and one way of keeping in control of our health is limiting our consumption of unhealthy foods, which most of the cases is prepared in table in birthday parties.  I have done this many times in the pasts, so why not make different this time?  It is not breaking the old tradition that we’ve lived and grown with, or suggesting not to follow them or saying they are wrong, or it is not losing human and social inter-relation but my principle is that anything we do should be in moderation.  All year-round, we have attended so much celebration that we share foods and drinks.  I am not saying abstain them but what I am just trying to emphasize is choose the most important.  Do not pretend or fool yourself and mistaken or cover up your food addiction that you are just hanging out with others while the truth is that you are simply voracious which is a reflection of your extravagance and mundane living.

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