Monday, May 16, 2011


When a friend came from vacation brought presents for me, I couldn’t just find the place to fill my gladness for I know how much it means to me.  It is really so good to receive something from someone closed to you because anything from a friend meant so much, no matter how small or less expensive it is, what really counts is the thoughtfulness.  It is really flattering to realize that there is someone who cares and thoughtful enough for you and it is simply nice to know that you were taken time and effort to give anything for you. 

From this friend, I received little presents called Macaroons, a tiny and sweet cookie made up chiefly of eggs white, sugar and ground coconut.  It is a type of light confectionary baked in a mini paper wrapper usually in different colorful tiny cases, making it eye-catchy finger food that is so nice to look at.  And what it made even special is the topping on each piece a bit of “Durian”, a Philippines’ native sweet fruit where its town is known for.  The lightly golden brown grain of the macaroons and its dark bits of the sweet fruits with distinctive smell add charms that make it look so delicious. 

I always treasure every smallest thing I received from a friend, because it is in this way I feel important and worthwhile.  Well if asked, I would prefer stuff that never last which can be either less expensive or small as presents from vacation.  It can be a pebble, an ordinary key chain, a common paper lift or even a simple message in a piece of paper will do, as long as it is from a friend, I will really cherish it.  Because I just would like to be able to remind the person every time I will the stuff.

But since it is from a friend, though Macaroons will last but the sweetness it gave to me will not leave for long the trace left in my spirit.  Receiving a presents is sweeter than any delicatessen cake or confectionary cookie, and it will leave it that way.  I will never forget that time that my friend brought the well known awesome cookies for me.  I thanked him for the thoughtfulness he showed to me, for the effort in exerting time that provided to me.  Yes, it is small but it matched or even surpassed the other good things I shared in our friendship, and I really appreciate it so much.  To store the spirit of giving for long, the least thing that I can do is to make my own way by photographing it. 

I can’t get enough in just looking the tempting cookies in colorful wrapping, I had to pick some cookie that molded in vivid mini cases and tasted it.  I chose the one in the red case that attracted me so much and put it in my mouth.  And the moment I had the very first piece bitten, it was wonder to feel that it seemed I was in the hometown of my friend, feeling the hospitality that have shown and given to me.  I felt the closeness then, the meaning of friendship, and the importance of a friend who is just right here in times of giving and sharing.

Well I had just the parable message of that scene in my life.  It was just a simple finger-food but it actually meant something in my perspective.  Looking back at our trail, my friend’s simple gesture of giving presents simply puts another mileage in our journey as companion.  It strengthens my trust to someone whom I just believed I can rely and lean on.  Because sometimes it is in small things you can prove those you least expect.

Giving is an opportunity to show your personality, to express your gratitude and to share your generosity. In giving we can reach out and touch the feeling of other, we can change, inspire and influence the life of our family, friends, neighbors and colleagues – whether it is in friendship, marriage, and human relations.  While giving is better than receiving, for someone who receives, endowment is a blessing that gives great fun.  It can be huge tangible help, but then it’s true “the smallest good deed is worth a thousand grand intentions”.

Alex v villamayor
May 8, 2011 

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