Sunday, May 15, 2011


Sharing the moment with someone you romantically fond of is a moment in time that you will love to keep forever in your heart.  Making the moment so very nice with the sweet words, kisses and hug will make your life so complete.  In a moment like this, you can assuredly say you have lived your life full and life has come into full circle.  An intimate moment with the one you love will leave you contented and be grateful with your existence, thanking everything for bringing into real and appreciating everything around you.  And that will define you the meaning of your life and being.

For someone who is really deeply in-love, this could be the happiest moment in life.   For there’s nothing more fulfilling to receive the return of care from the love you are giving to someone.    And there is nothing sweeter than to have an intimate moment with the one you really love.  Especially if you did not ask it to happen but it just happened the way it was happened.  Although it might be trite or clichéd to say but the truth is you’ll feel you’re flying in the highest cloud and you’ll say you’re the happiest person on earth or the luckiest one.  And the feeling of like walking on air will really happen because that is the magic of love.

The affection, appreciation, recognition and the importance that you’ve felt are rare moment in time that you won’t want to miss – that gives you the essence of your existence.  When the care that is so meaningful to you has passionately expressed to you – that is indeed simply so overwhelming and flattering, and that is you really deserved.  For you that is the meaning of love, the fruit of your sincere and pure love that you have care.  And you will love that someone for more in every minute you have for it is a precious moment that you cherish.

The special love you felt the night before is the reason to live for you will love to live for more to feel the feeling of falling in-love again and again.  This is what you would like to have forever, as how you would like to best remember the life you spent, and the memories you would like to reminisce later on.  Solemn and sacred, that’s how it jibes.  Amidst in the deepness of the night assures the ease in your heart that will rest your love.  Your smile puts you in a place that will make you feel life will really live happily ever after.

And when you woke up the next morning, you’ll see the whole day with full of good things, attracting the sweetness of life and the goodness of the day ahead.   When great affection rules, the rest of the day will be seemingly perfect in everything you do, bringing all the good vibes and persuading the positive result to happen.  When the feeling has just freely expressed with overflowing warm and passion, you’ll feel life is so good and you’ll say it’s so nice to live.

If there is such thing as “saving machine” to store the feeling you had, how you wished to save it in order to be able to feel all over again the same feeling you had.  For you don’t want to forget how you exactly felt the very nice moment – a time that you would want to put in a box for you can have it forever.  Because the fondest moment we want to look back is to remember the very time we were loved.  Or if you can just hold the time to unable the moment into its end, you will surely do.

I would like to have the very nice moment and spend the rest of the days with the one I love most.  I would like to do every best I can for that person, making every moment a real special and meaningful.  In this world, the greatest thing that everyone searching is love – to share it with someone for the rest of their lives.  For many it can be an easy task, but for some it is so difficult.  And if happens, that would be the very nice moment of their life.

I am lucky and thankful that I have just a very nice moment.  It might be short-live but at least...

Alex V. Villamayor
February 15, 2011
 Al-Thoqbah, KSA

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