Saturday, November 08, 2014


One universal issue that can easily break my heart is the children’s undesirable condition.  Many children that are not only those in our sights but from other places have caught up in unpleasant circumstances.  There are tens of thousands of children around the world who were plunged in bitter fate and we may never have the chance to see them but we’re not deaf to be heard of them.  Many children are not lucky enough to enjoy their times as what children should suppose to do.  Some of them are victims of circumstances, exploitation, and cruelty of time, destiny and the elder people themselves.  Some of them have to deal so early the challenges of life.  And these children have no choice but to embrace the challenges they are facing.  They do not deserve to go what they are going through.

When we look around and open our eyes wide, we will see these children that were deprived the opportunity to enjoy their childhood.  There are the street children, the out of school youth, the abandoned and homeless or even the orphan, and the child labour.  Every day there are children who were abused, stripped off their rights as children and as human.  We see them begging for foods and loose change, striving to work heavy, and in some instances doing prostitution.  These children were oppressed to live young, that they too young yet look old. With all these things surmounting to the children, it is the adults’ responsibility to draw them away from sufferings and assume the custody of their welfare.  It is saddening to see child abuse all over our world.  Child abuse happens in many forms.  Every day they are experiencing physical, moral, verbal and emotional sufferings.  Sometimes we ourselves are unintentionally or unconsciously abusing them.  A flesh of their own flesh, they are excusing themselves imposing an excessive corporal discipline to their children as parenthood.

Children are so weak against the oppressors and predators too.  Bullying them is definitely sign of cowardice for children are weak, tiny and apparently helpless to defend themselves.  Parents oppressing their children should retrench parenthood for there are many out there who are aspiring and more deserving to become parents.  Since children are young, weak and incapable for themselves alone, we should protect, guide and provide them with their needs.  Like us adults and as human being, children have rights too.  They have the right to grow, to play, to rest, and treat fair.  They have also right to have name, family and country to belong.  Because of their physical incapacities, children should be given their foods and medical attention.  They should not be hurt by others, be safe, and not have to work too hard.  Because of their mental insufficiency, children should be sent to school, learn many things, share ideas and be listened.  They have the freedom to learn to be the best they can be.  Because of their emotional needs, they should be given the free will to choose friends, speak own language, and have privacy.

I have soft spot with children because they too are hesitant to speak what they want and cannot able to resist because of weaknesses.  As it is said eyes is the window of our soul, I see the lot of sufferings and emotions when I am staring to these battled children’s weary eyes.  I feel their sufferings from what painful they’re undergoing when I talk to their hurt.  If I have enough capacity, if I have the authority, or if I have magic spell, I want to build a city or maybe just a roof for these children.  But since I am not, the least that I can do now is to give whatever I can and on my own way.  We are all children of God.  We should not prohibit anyone to enjoy the life as we enjoy it.

By Alex V. Villamayor
November 8, 2014

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