Sunday, November 09, 2014


For those who are in dire struggle to lose weight, here are some unsolicited and personal advices that I would like to share which I am freely doing because I want to help.  Our body components may not the same but at least it can be applicable to many if not to everyone.

·         Slowly for beginner.  I know it’s difficult to control food intake, so I would advise take your time.  If you’re still craving for meat, you can cook them every weekend.  This is fine, as long as you are doing this on weekend only while during weekdays are healthy foods.  For starter I think it is right because I did this before.  At least it is just two days of eating meat comparing to seven days.  Until you accustomed yourself then you can adjust more until you fully accustomed in eating a week of healthy foods.  And you will just eat sumptuous and colorful foods during special occasions only like Year-end get-together party, holiday seasons and birthdays.

·         Limit yourself.  Basically three meals a day are enough.  In between we add snacks.  The “need to eat” and “desire to eat” are different.  Most of us are just simply love eating, excusing ourselves that when it comes to food we should not cut-spend ourselves.  I disagree to this.  It is not that you are controlling your budget that’s why you are eating less but because this is what you need only.  There are really many excuses when we do not like.  Others say “life is too short, so enjoy life”.  These people, the reason why they are saying these is because they cannot do it, no determination, motivation, discipline and control.

·         You are what you eat.  I always read and heard this in health articles and from health buff which is so right because our looks, internal and external including our wrinkles, itchiness, pimples, weights, heart failure and blood pressure is only reflection of our eating behavior.  For peace of mind, eat the right foods.  Just avoid these three: sweet, salty and fatty, then you are “almost” sure that you are in the right track.

  • Sweet: not because your both parents are diabetic you will not get diabetes – very wrong and very old belief.  You have just least chance to have diabetes type-1 but if you will not avoid sweets then you are subject to get diabetes type-2.  Flavored drinks, cakes, cookies, soft drinks, ice cream, pie, coffee with milk or sugar, and even rice – most of us are guilty with these sweets.

  • Salty: junk foods, processed foods, instant foods, dried fish – all of these are salty and full of preservatives and saturated fats.  That is why it is called junk foods because you do not get benefits.  Frankfurter, meat loaf, luncheon meat – they are all salty but we don’t realize it because they are delicious.  Instant foods have lots of preservatives and they are instant because they are not natural.  If they are artificial then they don’t have nutrients.

  • Fats:  all fried foods, regardless if fish or vegetables add cholesterol if cooked in frying.  Avoid frying as much as possible and instead use grill.  Avoid sautéing and instead use boiling and steaming.  If cooking in oil is inevitable, then use olive oil or coconut oil.
The reason of others is saying we need sweet, salt and fats in our body – yes that is correct but not in these unhealthy foods.  If you are after the sweet, salt and fats – you can get them from fruits, vegetables, low-fat milk, wheat, and brown bread.  Avoid pork, beef, organs, and fishes under red meat and instead choose chicken especially chicken breast.  If you don’t like chicken breast, remove the skin when cooking.

Skeptic says all of us will die whether we eat unhealthy or healthy foods and nobody wants to live in this earth for hundred years.  Absolutely they are right, but we are doing this not to live longer but to get rid of sickness and it is better to die gracefully rather than suffered.

Alex V. Villamayor
November 8, 2014

Disclaimer:  The entire content of this article is for sharing of knowledge and information purposes only.  It is not intended to replace the qualified health care professional and all information provided here are NOT substitutes for a medication.  Consult a medical doctor before engaging in any type of physical activity or a radical change in diet.

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