Sunday, November 30, 2014


In our childhood lesson, we say thank you in every good thing we received, no matter how simple, huge, how often or rare, all of them must treat equally appreciated.  It doesn’t matter on how you say thank you.  Some say it laud that can be obvious and showy while others may simply quiet and out of fanfare.  It can be done thru serving foods, celebrations, thru gift-giving, anonymous donations or prayers whichever you desire is fine as long as it is sincere from the heart you are indeed good.This lesson from childhood must put into heart that uttering saying thank you should not become catchphrase that automatically utter when we receive something.  Until in a long run it will become not for altruism why we say thank you but for the gratification we feel.  Learn to say thank you as what it meant to be and in return you will feel expressing your appreciation in another way.  That is, it is not just take and receive, not just thru words and giving materials things as token of appreciation but it is in the sincere thanks uttered and true intention of giving thanksgiving.

In our existence, we receive different graces from our schools, company, community, and other groups.  Fortunes knocks in unexpected or most unanticipated times when we win in whatever contest and games we join in or we engaged.  We receive salary increase, gratuity, commissions, job promotion, award or recognition.  We call them blessings as we are happy for what we are having and we want to receive them, some may not prayed for them but still come.  That is what really called blessings.  And as the heckle goes you have to share your blessings, giving thanks despites of all of these is worth to do.  As part of our maturity, it is nice to give thanks aside from the childhood lesson of uttering thank you from what we received is to give thanks through giving to others specially to the less privilege.  Sharing your blessings is so noble, specially sharing it without show of display or grandstanding.  It is so amazing to show your very personality and true intention.  There is nothing wrong if you want to publicize it, if it is honest that can inspire others to do the same.  It can encourage the spirit of sharing and giving of blessings.

There are many different reasons why we give.  Some people are giving to feel the sense of value and satisfaction, or simply we give because we care, while some are giving to give something back.  And some are because they believe in the cause of a charity.Whichever the case, it is best to give without hidden interest as in you just want to have good karma or simply for name popularity. But most of us may not lucky enough to express our thanks thru tangible things.  Many are those who are incapable or just enough to give part of their earnings.  In these cases, we can give our thanks in our own unique ways.In times we’re short too, the least we can do is to give our share through nonfinancial means.  The unmatched sincere prayer for the victims of disaster and natural calamities is indeed the most valuable support to these less fortunate.  You can use the images for sketch, maybe pen for music and poem or any cause of your expression of your interest to thanks the volunteers as appreciation and recognition to their value, worth, greatness and efforts.  During special days like anniversary, we can express our thanksgiving not just through celebration of foods and happiness but even through helping the needy.  And true, it is even more rewarding to feel that your thanksgiving has gone without any anticipated return into needier concerned rather than your self-satisfaction of worldly happiness.

By Alex V. Villamayor
November 30, 2014

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