Sunday, November 30, 2014


In our everyday life, most of us are too occupied with many and different things.  We deal with the demand of our job: the architects and engineers design the buildings and bridges, the physicians attend the medical needs of the patients, journalists deliver the news, professors shape the young mind of students to become better and good citizens, the crews provide the services, and so on so forth.  And in our continuing deal with the call of our stressful busy works every day, we can still include to hone our craft for our advancement and achieve that attractive pay.  We are making ourselves better and work even harder not just to earn a living with hefty sum but also to secure a better future for our family and ourselves.

While we fill ourselves with career opportunities, we explore our horizon in other fields to have the best of social being like networking of friends and appreciating new gadgets.  We are practically doing all the best for ourselves to ensure our welfare and comforts – that is given.  But behind of all of these, once in a while it is still nice to take a look the other people who are less privilege and who are unable to do what we are into.  For the longer time we may always planning something for special occasions in our life, why don’t we plan in rare chance like today to touch other’s life and heart.  Why not for a while we make a change, different than usual and make ourselves express our other side’s aptitude of compassion.   Let us extend our hands to help the needy and deprived as giving back to all what we own.

Amidst of all these success and self-strengthening, we have all the chance to do something good to make a difference.  Let us take the chance in doing something that will give essence in our existence, feel our worthwhile and find our purpose.  For sure there are people out there who have already done this in any ordinary day but doing this in our important day is something to celebrate.  While for those who are too busy for themselves, may it serve an encouragement to stand and say it’s time to set aside ourselves and unleash the inner and natural kindness in our heart by doing charity.  It doesn’t necessary if expensive and grandiose, it doesn’t count in the numbers anyway but it is in the thought that really counts.  A simple help can build esteem and confidence, a small act can send a big message of kindness.

Let us help while we have the chance to do.  As the old and trite saying that goes it is better to give than to receive, it is really feeling blessed that we can able to give than needing someone to help us.  Let us feel thankful if we can help.  Given the chance just for today, let us disown some mundane things and do a unique thanksgiving.  It is not always thru serving foods on the table to give our thanks, sometimes we can express our thanksgiving by means of writing inspirational story to commemorate the occasion.  Depends on your interest, you can use your personality to give your thanks and help in your own little, humble and sincere way.  When you made someone’s world better than when you found him, or something that different from before, either by an improved idea, sweet poem, or a rescued soul – that is so big to thank, so noble act and so commendable.

By Alex V. Villamayor
November 30, 2014

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