Tuesday, December 27, 2016


Again, another healthy dish is for you.  Tofu in sweet and sour sauce is a healthy option aside from fish fillet, chicken breast, shrimp.  There is sweet and sour pork and beef but they are not option if you are looking for a healthy version of sweet and sour.

To begin, you will need this listing:

1 pc of Tofu (in bar shape = approx 8” long)
1 small can of Pineapple Tid-bits
1 pc medium Carrot
1 medium size green Bell Pepper
1 small Kalamansi or Lemon (vinegar is option)
5 gloves Garlic
1 pc small Onion
Sugar, pepper and salt
1 teaspoon Corn starch

1. Cut the tofu in 2 x 2 (or as your choice.
2. Mince the garlic.
3. Cut the onion in quarter.
4. Peel the carrots and slice in round thinly.
5. Cut the green pepper in square (or triangle or your choice.
6. Dilute the cornstarch in 5 spoonful water.

1. Sauté the garlic and onion.
2. Add the carrots.
3. Pour the pineapple tid-bits and stir.
(Add some water if pineapple juice doesn’t look enough).
4. Add some catsup for colouring and stir.
5. Taste with sugar and squeeze the half of kalamansi
(You can use vinegar for option or for a stronger sour taste).
6. Let simmer for 2 – 3 minutes.
7. Add the tofu and simmer for another 2 – 3 minutes.
8. Taste with salt and pepper.
9. Pour the diluted corn starch and stir until thicken.
10. Add the bell pepper, turn off the heat and cover.
11. Cool down and serve.

12. And lastly, just eat right.

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