Saturday, September 27, 2014


I want to master the making of a dish that is complete in one - that is with the rice and the viand in one.  Dishes like Arroz Valenciana, Paella, the kabsa of Arabian cuisine and even Pinoy’s variety of fried rice in the the array of "log" (tapsilog, longsilog, ect), all of them inspire me to have a two-in-one dish.  Then I come up with dish that is similar -  a rice with curry.

To prepare, we'll need the following ingredients:

1 cup of white rice
Shrimps medium size
Chicken broth (optional)
Green peas
Carrots 1 piece
Curry powder

The preparation starts by cooking the steamed white rice, followed by the curry sauce and ends with the mixing of the two.

1. Cook the white rice through boiling water until dried and cooked.  Then set aside until cool down.

2. Sauté the garlic and onion.

3. Add the shrimp removed the headsand skin.

4. Then, add the green peas and carrots cut into small cubes.

5. Put a half cup of water until cooked (5 minutes).  Or a chicken broth instead of water can use to add taste.

6. Put salt and pepper to taste.

7. Add a teaspoon of curry powder.

8. Add a teaspoon of cornstarch dissolved in small water to thicken the sauce.  Set aside to cool down.

In mixing the cooked rice and the curry sauce, do it slowly to calculate if the sauce is enough with the rice.

And lastly, just eat right.

Rice with Curry
By Alex V. Villamayor
September 28, 2014

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